About C-Card

About C-Card

C-Card is a free condom issuing scheme for anyone aged 13 to 24, no matter whether you’re having sex or thinking about having sex.

A C-Card is a card similar to a membership card that allows you to get free condoms and lube from participating venues such as youth clubs, sexual health clinics and schools. Some sites can also provide chlamydia tests and pregnancy tests if needed.








C-Cards are completely free of charge and are designed to fit well in your purse or wallet.

How to get a C-Card

How to get a C-Card

The C-Card is available to young people under 25 in Devon and Torbay. You can get a C-Card from a range of venues such as youth clubs or sexual health clinics.

Depending on the venue, you may need to arrange an appointment to get registered to the scheme.

If you are secondary school student, a college student or a university student, please contact your school nurse for more information on the C-Card scheme. They can be contacted by text on 07520 631722 or through their public health nursing hubs. Please click here for more details.

To find your nearest C-Card site to register please click here. You will need to select C-Card Registration from the drop-down list.

When registering, a trained worker will have a confidential chat with you. If you’re under 16 they will need to ask you a few more questions to make sure you’re safe and that they’re giving you the right advice and information. You will then receive your new C-Card and a ‘starter pack’ selection of free condoms and lube.


  • Even when using condoms you should consider regular screening for sexually transmitted infections every time you start a new relationship or every 12 months if you’re in a relationship.
  • If there is ever any type of condom failure or you’re worried that something went wrong during sex, you should seek advice about emergency contraception.

If you are having problems getting condoms please phone the C-Card team on 01392 284965.

Where to use your C-Card

Where to use your C-Card

You will be able to use your C-card at registered C-card sites, these include youth clubs, pharmacies, sexual health clinics and some schools, colleges and universities.

To find your nearest C-Card site to register and/or to collect condoms please click here. (Remember to select C-Card from the drop down list). These sites include youth clubs, charities and sexual health clinics.


If  you are having difficulty finding your nearest C-Card site then you can phone or email the C-Card team – ndht.ccard@nhs.net  tel: 01392 284965

What is available?

What is available?

When you complete your c-card registration and receive your c-card, you will also get a free starter pack which includes condoms, lube and a collectable sperm keying.

You will be able to choose from a selection of items including:

Regular condoms

Large CondomsFree Photo | Close-up man holding a condom

Jumbo Condoms

Trim Condoms

Thin Condoms

Extra Safe Condoms

Female Condoms

Latex-Free  Condoms

Flavoured Condoms

Ribbed and Dotted Condoms

Flavoured Dams



Chlamydia tests and pregnancy tests may also be available on request (depending on the site).



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Accessing our service

In response to the emergence of COVID-19 we have implemented a telephone triage system for all of our clinics. Our central telephone number is 0300 303 3989.

We are currently experiencing high demand for our Sexual Health Services across Devon and Torbay with unprecedented demand in Exeter. Please note always review urgent cases the same day. If your need is urgent and you are struggling to reach us keep trying as our phone system will explain how to access same-day care with us.

We have updated information on the provision of routine contraception here.

Self-requested STI testing by post is available for those aged under 25- more info

We are now running an under 18’s sit and wait clinic at Exeter, Torquay, and Barnstaple for more information click here

If you are struggling to access sexual health services, alternatives may be available:

  • Emergency Contraception - from a local pharmacy - more info
  • Contraceptive pills and LARC procedures - obtained from your GP
  • HIV PEPSE - available via A+E departments - more info
  • Condoms by post (for gay and bisexual men only) - more info