May Bank Holiday – Opening hours and where to get help.

posted by: Don Leslie

Sexual Health Clinics are closed over the Bank Holiday weekend. Make sure you have supplies of routine contraception and medication .

Check you have condoms.


Tuesday 28 May – all clinics open as normal. The sit and wait sessions held on this day are likely to be very busy. If your need is not urgent, we would recommend booking an appointment or attending on a different occasion.

If you require emergency contraception when our clinics are closed, you can also access this via GP surgeries, pharmacies, walk-in centres and minor injury units. You can find a list here. We would recommend you contact the pharmacy before travelling to check there is a pharmacist on duty.

If you think you have been exposed to HIV within the last 72 hours and need PEP emergency medication , do not delay. This works best the sooner it is taken after possible exposure. If a local sexual health service is not open, please attend a major A&E department to arrange this treatment: local services include Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital, Torbay Hospital and North Devon District Hospital.

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