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LGBTQ+ Project

LGBTQ+ Project

Alan Crabbe, Project Co-ordinator has run the LGBTQ+ project since 1991, when it was formerly known as ‘man to man’. The project has expanded and changed over the years and now Alan dedicates his time to working with the LGBTQ+ community, swingers, sex workers and those who work in the industry. He also provides advice and support to those living with learning disability.

Alan is very experienced in LGBTQ+ support and sees people from all walks of life regarding their sexuality, sexual orientation, providing advice with regards to safer sex, risk reduction and safety.




Sex Work/Industry

  • Working with commercial sex workers, ‘street workers’ and those in the adult entertainment industry
  • Support and advice, signposting
  • Staying safe at work

Learning disabilities

  • Support and advice for those living with a learning disability
  • Providing support for those caring for them
Where you can find us

Where you can find us

The LGBTQ+ project maintains a presence at  local Pride eventsNational HIV testing week, World AIDs day, Exeter University freshers fayre, and Tiverton college freshers week. As well as providing LGBTQ+ specific support, education and training to local support groups such as No. 3 (LGBT Tiverton), Xplore (Youth, North Devon and Exeter) and St Petrocks homeless centre.



Alan is based at Devon Sexual Health, Exeter (NHS walk in centre) in Sidwell Street, and can see people for pre-booked appointments here at the clinic or can, by arrangement, meet at a mutually convenient public place.

Referrals can be accepted from health care professionals via the sexual health clinic, your GP, the Laurels etc or by Self referral. If you are under 16 and have self referred, Alan may need to speak to a healthcare professional, here at the clinic, about your visit, to make sure that you are safe.

Alan is currently away from the office. We would recommend contacting the experienced team at the Intercom Trust in the first instance: available here

If you, or someone you know has experienced rape of sexual assault you can find advice and support here.

Are you a male and a survivor of sexual abuse or assault? do you need advice or support? please click here

If you have experienced hate crime? report it here

HIV home testing

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