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This section provides information and advice for healthcare professionals. There are also many useful links to various websites.

Faculty of sexual and Reproductive healthcare:

This website has information on all aspects of contraception, and the Clinical Effectiveness Unit can answer many clinical quieries

Here is new guidance on emergency contraception.

UK medical eligibility criteria:

This is a guide to benefits versus risks of the methods of contraception with regard to various medical conditions. There is a summary document, or a full version

Method specific guidance:

For more detailed guidance on: Barrier methods, Combined hormonal contraception, Emergency contraception, Intrauterine methods, Progestogen-only contraceptives and sterilization, and for advice on the management of unscheduled vaginal bleeding in women using hormonal contraception, click here.

For advice on drug interactions, click here.


For guidelines on the management of heavy menstrual bleeding

For guidelines on under 18 conceptions and STI’s.

Deep Implants:

There is a deep implant service which G.Ps can refer to in Plymouth. If an implant is impalpable, removal should not be attempted but we are happy to receive referrals for assessment and possible guided removal if appropriate.

British Association for Sexual Health and HIV:

The British Association for Sexual Health and HIV is the UK’s leading professional organisation dealing with all aspects of Sexual Health Care including clinical guidelines, information about STIs and HIV and current research in the field of sexual health.


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