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Hormonal Coils (LNG-IUDs) - use for non-contraceptive purposes

Hormonal Coils (LNG-IUDs) - use for non-contraceptive purposes

Hormonal coils such as Mirena, Levosert or Benilexa can be used for contraception AND to manage heavy periods, help conditions such as endometriosis and act as the progesterone component of an HRT regimen too.

Devon Sexual Health can offer fits or refits for people who want a hormonal coil as part of their HRT regimen (if you are unable to get this done by your GP or your GP’s waiting list is too full).

Your GP will have discussed this with you and will be prescribing the oestrogen component of your HRT.

Please note, we will not be able to fit your coil if:

  • You are aged over 55
  • You have any complicating gynaecological issues such as un-diagnosed bleeding problems; heaviness or irregular bleeding, have known fibroids, known endometriosis or some significant other medical problems

If you need contraception (have not yet reached the menopause and you are using another method of contraception), we can fit you with a coil in our contraceptive coil fitting service.

Please note, Mirena coils are now licensed for 8 years for contraception but can only be used for 5 years when used with oestrogen for HRT. We can now refit the device at 5 years if you are using it for HRT and contraception.  Please book into this service for this issue. It is advisable not to have sex for 7 days prior to a coil refit.

If we are not happy to fit/refit on the day having found out about your specific circumstances you will be directed back to your GP.

If you think that this service is the right one for you please phone 0300 303 3989 and book into the Non-Contraceptive LARC clinic.

If you already have an appointment and you do not think it is the right service for you please cancel the appointment and discuss your needs with your GP.

Infection is a risk with coil fitting. Particularly the presence of sexually transmitted infections. If you think you might be at risk of an STI or have had a recent change in sexual partner, please book a sexual health screen via Devon Sexual Health prior to booking into this clinic. We will not be able to do any STI testing within this service

Before coming in for your coil fit/refit please watch this video:

Advice following a contraceptive coil fit

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