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Sex workers

Sex workers

Devon Sexual Health clinics provide free, non-judgemental sexual health services to  both female and male sex workers.

We appreciate that you may wish to be anonymous and not identifiable in the waiting room in your local area, therefore we do not offer specific clinics or sessions for sex workers at this time.

What do we need to know when you attend?

What do we need to know when you attend?

We might ask specific questions about the type of work you do or the number of clients you have. This will help us assess what tests need to be done and to make sure they are done at the right time. We can then able to provide specific information and advice.

Our services are confidential and information is not routinely shared with other services such as GPs or other NHS clinics. You can read our confidentiality policy here.

The more you feel able to share with us during your appointment, the better we can help you to keep healthy and safe.

What can we offer you?

What can we offer you?

  • All methods of Contraception
  • Free emergency contraception
  • PEP emergency anti-HIV medication if you think you may have been exposed to HIV in the past 72 hours
  • Regular check-ups for sexually transmitted infections (STIs). This can include swabs from all sites (e.g. throat and rectal swabs), as well as testing for HIV and syphilis.
  • Vaccinations against hepatitis B and A (if appropriate)
  • Information about PrEP medication
  • Advice on safer sex  and info about STI’s and how to prevent them
  • Treatment for STI’s
  • Support re sexual assault and referral to the local SARC services
  • A regular text reminder when a check-up is due
  • Referral to our support worker who can offer other info and advice
How often should I get tested?

How often should I get tested?

Testing is recommended at least every three months.

If you need a routine check-up, we would recommend you book an appointment.

If you develop symptoms or a client informs you they might have an infection please come in to see us for a review as soon as you can.


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