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Information for patients on having a trainee present during a consultation/procedure within the Devon Sexual Health Service

We regularly have staff working in the clinics who are undergoing training. These trainees can include;

  • qualified doctors who are at various stages of their careers; some will have qualified a year or two previously, others will be more advanced in their training for example training to become a GP
  • local GPs who are doing additional training e.g. to fit coils (IUCDs)
  • qualified nurses who are undertaking specific training e.g. fitting or removing contraceptive implants
  • medical students.

Whilst we appreciate how important it is for our future NHS staff to be fully trained, we also want patients to feel comfortable with the staff members they will meet.Therefore;

  • we will let you know at the start of your appointment if we have staff in the clinic who are undergoing training. This is regardless of whether you have a phone, video or face-to-face consultation
  • we will give you the chance to ask any questions you may have about the training or the trainee
  • we will ask whether you are happy to have a trainee present as part of your consultation. If you would prefer not to, this will not affect your care in any way.

We will always ask for your consent first before your consultation starts. It’s important for us that you have the opportunity to consider your decision so you are comfortable with your consultation and any treatment you may need.

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