Contraception – Easy read

Contraception can stop you getting pregnant when you have sex.

Condoms are worn over a man’s penis and stop sperm from getting out.

Condoms also help to stop you getting infections when you have sex.

If you are a woman, there are more types of contraception you can use.

You can have an injection that stops you getting pregnant.

You could have a device fitted that stops the sperm inside you.

You could take a tablet every day that stops you getting pregnant.

It can seem confusing.

If you call us on 0300 303 3989 we can help to explain.

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Accessing our service during the COVID pandemic

We have implemented a telephone triage system for all of our clinics. This system will be in place for the duration of the pandemic. Our central telephone number is 0300 303 3989.

We have updated information on the provision of routine contraception during this pandemic here.

Self-requested STI testing by post is available for those aged under 25- more info

We are now running an under 18’s sit and wait clinic at Exeter, Torquay, and Barnstaple for more information click here

Despite any changes made to COVID risk measures outside of NHS premises our staff, patients and visitors will be expected to continue to follow social distancing rules when visiting our clinics, including wearing a face covering. If you have tested positive for COVID-19 or have been requested to self-isolate please do not attend the clinic.

If you are struggling to access sexual health services, alternatives may be available:

  • Emergency Contraception - from a local pharmacy - more info
  • Contraceptive pills and LARC procedures - obtained from your GP
  • HIV PEPSE - available via A+E departments - more info
  • Condoms by post (for gay and bisexual men only) - more info