12 things you can do before pregnancy to make your baby healthier.

  1. If you smoke, quit smoking or cut down
  2. If you drink alcohol, stop or cut down
  3. If you take drugs, stop
  4. Start taking folic acid now, it needs time to build up in your body
  5. Have a healthy balanced diet – it improves fertility as well as affecting your baby’s future health
  6. Cut down on caffeine if you drink a lot
  7. Try to get closer to a healthy weight if you are overweight.
  8. Become more active if you are not already – this has been shown to improve fertility and will make your pregnancy and baby healthier
  9. Have a cervical screening test if you haven’t had one in the last three years
  10. Check that you have had the MMR vaccine against rubella
  11. Don’t take any new medication or stop taking existing medications without talking to your GP or healthcare professional
  12. Get tested for STIs if you think there’s a possibility you may have one

More detailed information and advice can be found on our pre-conception page.