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Eddystone launches campaign to help overcome HIV stigma

posted by: Don Leslie

It’s World AIDS Day today and The Eddystone Trust has launched a new campaign aimed at overcoming HIV stigma.

The landscape for people living with HIV has improved drastically since the 1980s and with the help of medication, you can now live a long and normal life with HIV. Medication can also control the virus to a level where it is undetectable and impossible to pass on to another person even through condom-less sex.

One thing that remains constant is the stigma that people living with HIV face. The only way to tackle this stigma is to spread the message that we all have an HIV status. You’re either HIV positive or negative and although HIV continues to affect people across the globe it is now a fully manageable condition.

This year for World AIDS Day, Eddystone has produced a video statement aimed at overcoming stigma and educating people about HIV.


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