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Share your views on access to contraception

posted by: Don Leslie

Torbay Council’s Public Health Team would like to hear from women in Torbay about how they can get better access to contraception.

Do you find it easy to access it when you want? Can you get contraception from somewhere that is close to where you live or work?

You can access the survey here

Completing the survey and letting us know your views and thoughts will help the Council to create a service that’s right for you. Your responses will be anonymous and confidential.

This survey asks about use of contraceptives in Torbay. It is designed for women and people with a uterus. Trans, non-binary and intersex individuals are encouraged to complete this survey and let us know more about their experiences of contraceptive services in Torbay.

Your response will be anonymous and you can choose not to answer questions which you don’t want to, or which don’t apply to you.

The survey will close in early August 2022.

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