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HIV Testing Week 2024

posted by: Susan Mills

National HIV Testing Week starts Monday 5 February.

HIV Testing is free and confidential. It’s also the only way to know if you have HIV.

People can live with HIV for a long time without any symptoms. It’s easier than you think to get and take an HIV test, whether you use a sexual health clinic, a GP, or prefer the convenience of using an at-home test kit.

Regular HIV testing benefits all of us. If you are HIV negative, you can still use protection such as PrEP or condoms to stay negative. If you are HIV positive, you can go on treatment and live a long and healthy life — people on effective HIV treatment can’t pass it on to partners.

The sooner you know your HIV status, the sooner you can get on treatment if needed to stay healthy and avoid passing the virus on to anyone else.

Most people will get a negative result, but whatever happens, it’s important to know that anyone diagnosed with HIV in the UK can access free treatment and support.

Free and confidential HIV testing is available at Devon Sexual Health clinicsThe Eddystone Trust or via

Or for more information, see It Starts With Me



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