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STI Testing is free and confidential

posted by: Susan Mills

STIs are sexually transmitted infections that people get through sexual activity.

They are incredibly common and just like any other infection, such as a cold, it is nothing to be embarrassed about. But, unlike a cold,  many STIs do not usually clear up on their own.

If you have had condom-less sex with a new or casual partner, it’s important to know your sexual health status – even if you aren’t showing any symptoms.

Although you might feel embarrassed or anxious about visiting a sexual health clinic, our staff are welcoming and they test people daily for all kinds of infections.

Testing and treatment at a sexual health clinic is free and confidential, and staff will answer any questions you may have. You may be able to have some test results on the same day, or the clinic will ask you how you would like to receive your results.

If you’re aged under 25, you may also be able to access free self-testing kits online. See for more information.

Further info on STI testing and treatment can be found here.

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