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Working together towards zero new HIV infections

posted by: Don Leslie

The Martin Fisher Foundation has launched a new HIV animation aimed at delivering the message: ‘AIDS is over, if you want it’.

The Foundation was founded in 2015 to take forward the work of Professor Martin Fisher in developing new strategies for effective HIV prevention, treatment and care.


Their aim is to work together towards ZERO new HIV infections, ZERO HIV-related deaths, and ZERO HIV stigma.

Around 1:10 people with HIV are unaware of their infection and may be unknowingly passing on the infection to others.

If we can encourage more people to test for HIV and know their status, it allows for prompt HIV treatment or effective prevention initiatives to help us stop new infections.

HIV testing is quick and easy, and the Foundation has created a short video to help update knowledge about HIV and encourage testing.  The video has been co-produced with the Terrance Higgins Trust (THT) and you can find out more information about how you can access HIV testing here.



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