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It’s a Sin

posted by: Jonathan Shaw

On the lead up to National HIV Testing Week 2021, starting 1st February, Channel 4’s #itsasin is on our screens. This new drama from Russell T Davies shows us the stark reality of life during the HIV/AIDs epidemic in the 1980s. Whilst important to reflect on those difficult times, especially as we find ourselves fighting another global infection outbreak, it is important for everyone to know how far we have come with our understanding of HIV since then:

  • People living with HIV who are on effective treatment live long and healthy lives. Recent evidence suggests patients diagnosed and treated early for HIV will have a normal life expectancy.
  • We also now understand that effective HIV treatment prevents the transmission of the virus to their sexual partner(s). #U=U (undetectable = untransmittable) means that the treatment a person living with HIV takes, suppresses the virus to undetectable levels, meaning it cannot be passed on to others.
  • HIV testing is quick and easy, via a number of organisations including our clinic or online during HIV testing week, with results available within days – click here to find out more.

Whilst it is important that we honour and remember those we have lost to HIV/AIDS, it is also really important that we inform and educate people on how far we have come since then. HIV is no longer the death sentence it once was.

It is important to know your HIV status if you haven’t recently tested.

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